Stefano Nardi was born in the Province of Rodigo (MN) and spent his childhood between Verona and Mantua where he stayed until the seventees.
Before he started school he loved to spend his time playing with colours, coloured crayons and many different materials.

Early on, at the lower level of the “Scuola Media” he and fellow students participated successfully in art exhibitions organised by the Province of Mantua.

At school his education was technically oriented ( he graduated with a diploma as a surveyor); while his artistic education was of a autodidact nature.

Immediately after having finished his studies he concentrated with great persistency on artistic activities.
He then moved to Castiglione delle Stiviere where he has since been living and working – also as a designer.

In 1995 he joined the “Sociatà Bell Arti di Verona”
In 1997 he organised the group of artists “Arte Anno” whose aim it is to support the arts and to develop the cultural standards of the region.

Among the diverse works he is asked to create all those deserve a special mention which he created as official portraits of the Bishop of Mantua. These are works of art which are not merely reflecting him but evoke an individual, solemn impression. They vividly illustrate the technique of form and use of colours so characteristic of this artist.